About the Author

The author has always been interested in esoteric and metaphysical studies and being raised an only child, and alone quite often, would lose herself in the writings of Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman, as well as Plato and Aristotle. Her interests also ran to psychology and psychiatry. And, while she does not subscribe to any one particular point-of-view, the author knows all roads lead back to the Creator of All Things. Recognizing there resides a common grain of truth running through all of the ancient writings she adopts these “grains” as her moral compass and has devoted the past 7 years of her life toward raising her own vibration and sustaining those higher vibrations within her own psyche.

The author takes a practical approach to spirituality and her desire to assist others on their path has led her to embrace a life’s purpose consisting of discourses, workshops and private counseling. The author uses several “energy” modalities in her private counseling sessions, to help clients process their life experiences in non-judgment and conscious awareness while they gradually learn to achieve and maintain a higher vibration of forgiveness, compassion and self-love.

Jade Lauryne is available for workshops, discourses,
and private counseling. You can reach Jade at:

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